Why pay 100% for everything

With My vpStaff you share back office services so you only pay a fraction of the expense - saving time and money

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Up to 20% of business costs relate to overheads - imagine reducing these to less than 10%

Businesses that are able to reduce overhead costs are likely to be more competitive and able to price jobs and services lower that their competitors

The starting point is having the right system that connects all the dots in your business operation.

Every firm is different and has unique challenges. We understand that technology is an enabler to help you do business faster, better and at the right price. So we tailor our technology tools to help you build capacity so you do more with less.

Build your Backoffice dream team for a fraction of the costs and grow it flexibly.

You may already know the type of people you need to take your business to the next level. But you have a massive challenge. How do you balance a major increase in people and facility costs with your expansion goals? 

We help you build a professional support team at costs that are within your budget and with resources that grows with your business in a controlled manner.

We assign a professional business solutions manager to your team to help you make the right decisions.

We assign a proefessional business manger to your team to help you make the right strategic and operational decisons. Imagine getting help with your expansion plans, sources of finance, type of people needed, the right right markets to enter or the products or services to push..